Giclee Prints, also called "Archival-Prints" are Museum-quality Fine-Art reproductions. these artworks are made with an ultra-high-resolution fine-art printer, using the very finest archival inks and papers. They are truly Museum-quality Fine-Art reproductions.

Giclee printing is meant to produce a product at a higher quality and longer lifespan than a standard desktop inkjet printer. Originally, the word was used to describe digital reproductions of conventional artworks (painting or drawing) or photographs. Today, it is generally accepted that a giclee print can also be a work created entirely in a digital workflow on a modern computer application.

The dot-pattern of these prints is invisible to the naked eye; they are literally indistinguishable from continuous-tone photographs - very good photographs. Under extreme magnification (15X) the print quality can be seen to be the equivalent of the very finest printing. And the artist responsible for achieving perfect tonal balance and color fidelity in these fine-art reproductions is the same artist who created these delicate qualities in the first place. These are among the most accurate, most archival prints available anywhere. Archival-Prints are beautiful reproductions, that will look as rich and vibrant to your great-great grandchildren as they will to you. I am delighted to offer them to the public at this time!

Please remember that ALL artwork, prints and originals, MUST be kept away from direct sunlight; sunlight will quickly bleach even the very finest oil paintings - which is why they use dim lights in museums.